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Dual Screen Setup to Desktop Computer Monitors The following directions will show you how you can configure two screens to display a single work area. Set the Primary and Secondary Monitor Right-click in your desktop and choose”Screen”. On top of the resulting dialog box, your available monitors appear as blue, numbered boxes. Each box represents a track (e. g. box”1″ corresponds with the left monitor and box”2″ corresponds with the right screen ). In the screen, select the screen you would like to be your principal screen. Check the box which says”Make this my primary display.” Another screen will automatically become the secondary screen. When finished, click [Apply]. Set the Monitor Resolution From the screen, select the screen you want to adjust. Click on the”Advanced display settings” link (found at the bottom of the dialog box). Click the”Resolution” drop-down menu and choose your desired resolution. Establish the Monitor Display Style Click the”Multiple Computer monitors setup displays” drop-down menu and select from the following options Select”Copy these displays” to allow the secondary monitor display to mirror the key monitor screen. Select”Stretch these screens” to expand your background across each monitor. Select”Show only 1″ to disable monitor”two” and only utilize track”1″. Select”Show only 2″ to disable monitor”1″ and only use monitor”2″. Set the Monitor Position Right-click in your desktop and select”Display”. Every box represents a monitor. If you want the mouse to scroll left to right across your screens, be sure track”1″ will be on the left and right monitor”2″ is on the right. To alter the tracks’ place, click, drag, and set the blue, coded boxes into your preferred position. If you are uncertain which monitor is”1″ or”2,” click the”Identify” link. The assigned screen number will subsequently appear on every screen’s display. Keywords: screen, screen, dualscreen, dualmonitor, dual screen, dual monitor, installation, set up. Posted in Computer Support

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